Grilled Bread

While your guests are plating-up the delicious meats and vegetables you just finished cooking out, sneak back to the grill with thick sliced, olive oil brushed bread to put the meal over the top!



1 Unsliced Loaf of Your Favorite Great Harvest Bread - Savory Breads like Spinach Feta, Parmesan Pepper Bomb or Roasted Red Pepper Swiss are Our Favorites (Fruit Breads like Cherry Apple Berry Add a Sweet Twist)


Olive Oil


1. Slice bread to desired thickness (1 slices work well).

2. Brush both sides of bread with olive oil.

3. Finish grilling the rest of the meal before grilling bread. Serving grilled bread warm is key to maximum enjoyment.

4. Place bread on hot grill over direct heat. Flip once when bread is warm and grill lines appear. Remove from grill when both sides are warm and have grill lines.


Serves 6 to 16 (based on slice thickness)

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