Bread the Way It Ought to Be

June 26, 2014                         Matt Salis - Owner, Great Harvest Bread Co. of Denver


Have you ever thought about where your bread comes from?  I do not mean what store.  I mean the origins of your bread.  The ingredients from which it is made tell part of the tale.  Bread that claims to be whole grain but has enriched flour at the top of the ingredient list and is followed by lots of long words you cannot pronounce should get your processed junk sensors a tingling.  The list of ingredients is only part of the story.  Who makes it and how?  Just as important…when was it made?  “Baked Fresh Daily” often means a pre-formed lump of processed dough was removed from a freezer this morning and tossed into the oven.  If that lack of love and hand crafted care does not change your emotional connection to the words, “Baked Fresh Daily”, nothing will.  It is your bread…shouldn’t you know these answers?  After all, you are putting it into your family’s bodies.  These seem like questions worth asking to me.


I have excellent news for you.  If you are reading this, there is a better than average chance that you get your bread from us, the Great Harvest Bread Co. of Denver.  In our bakery, our ingredient list starts with freshly stone ground whole wheat, honey, water, yeast and salt.  The only additives we put in our breads are things like blueberries and walnuts and roasted pumpkin seeds.  I am confident that we all know how to pronounce all of those words.  As explained above, don’t just stop at the ingredient list.  Know how and when your bread is made.  Go ahead and ask who made it.  We don’t just know the answers, we are proud to tell the tale.


“Farm to Table” is not just a catchy buzz word of the decade.  It is how we have been making bread on South Colorado Boulevard in Denver for almost 30 years.  Come on in, enjoy a warm slice from the bread board and ask us how today’s bake went.  We will probably even smile a little when we fill you in on our daily hand crafted whole grain journey.  In the mean time, watch how we turn a farmers toil and labor into a warm slice of love meant just for you!



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