Loafers Kneaded - Wanna Make Some Dough?

July 10, 2015† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† Matt Salis - Owner, Great Harvest Bread Co. of Denver


The Great Harvest Bread Co. of Denver is now hiring, and it is not a bad gig.† If wearing shorts and a tee shirt, listening to music, eating tons of delicious bread right out of the oven and hanging out with fun people sounds like your idea of a good job, maybe you should come on down to the bakery and complete an application.† We are not offering a summer job here.† We are looking for a couple of people to hang around for a while.† You donít knead any experience.† We donít do things like anyone else in the food industry, so lack of pre-programming is actually an advantage for you and for us.


We have always had the best luck with crew members who are referred to us by our loyal customers and other crew members.† If this job is not for you, maybe you know someone for whom this would be a good fit.† Please tell people about us.† We are a word-of-mouth business.† This applies to winning new customers and winning new employees alike.† We knead you.† Please help us spread the word.



Here are some things that you do knead if you want to join the crew and make some bread.† You have got to love people.† All people.† You have to be easy going and happy to work with lots of different personalities.† Our crew is pretty energetic and fun loving.† We tend to maintain pretty great attitudes pretty much all the time (OKÖI get a little grumpy when the oven breaksÖbut I bounce back like a champ).† Our customers are mostly pretty awesome, too.† Some of them, however, can occasionally have a little nasty in them and bring that in to see us.† Turns out, we knead all of our customersÖthe happy, the mellow and even the grumps, too.† So, if you can handle helping a sour puss and then laughing about it later with your co-workers, this might be the gig for you.


Other things you knead are a flexible schedule, the ability to tell time and read a calendar, a hard-to-find-these-days outstanding work ethic, a generous spirit, a belief in the value of authenticity, an understanding of or willingness to learn about the truth about the nutritional value of whole grains and a love of the feeling you get when you make people happy.† This is a real job.† We are real people producing real, wholesome bread and sandwiches from scratch and selling them to real people who we genuinely care for and want to see again and again in the bakery.† Donít let the music and tee shirts and smiles fool you, however.† This is hard, physical work.† It is hot in our bakery.† Hot is good for the bread.† If you donít like it hot, you should probably stop reading here.† We lug around bushel bags of wheat Ė thatís 60 pounds each.† We are on our feet the entire shift.† In order for you to make some dough, we have to sell a lot of bread.† If you like it when time flies because you are busy, busy, busy, maybe this could be a fit for you.


That work ethic thing I mentioned is pretty darned important.† Our crew starts work BEFORE their scheduled shift time.† On-time is OK, early is great and late means you knead to find a new job.† We often have two people sailing our bread ship, so if one is late or does not make it, that means we are down 50% of our crew.† That can NEVER happen.† This job is fun.† It is laid back.† We donít yell and scream, and you are going to make tons of mistakes.† We can deal with all of that.† However, if you know in your heart that you canít commit to being on-time or early every single time, we probably shouldnít waste each otherís time.


What exactly are we looking for regarding hours?† That is actually a little hard to say.† If we find a couple of part timers with all the qualities we knead, that will do the trick.† A really awesome full timer could give us what we are looking for as well.† The availability to work Saturdays is an absolute requirement.† We are closed on Sundays, so you can count on always having that day off.† We usually start people out working late morning through afternoon shifts.† Youíve gotta learn what we are all about before we start talking about 4am and making bread.† We like to be able to give our crew time off when they knead it.† So, applicants with a flexible schedule to help us cover shifts when our BreadHeads knead some loafing time will definitely have an advantage.† If all of this sounds good, please come on down and apply in person at 765 South Colorado Boulevard from 6:00am to 6:30pm Monday through Saturday.† Please do not send electronic resumes.† If you donít have the energy to grab a pen, mosey on down to the bakery and spend five minutes on a one page application, then this is not for you.† Please do your best on the application.† Please do not call or come back in to follow-up on your application.† If the application looks like a fit, we will call you to set-up and interview.† We want to move quickly and have a person or two hired within a week or so.† So...if this feels good, today might be a good day to come on down.† While you are in the bakery, have a delicious free slice of bread served with a smile.

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